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Walker's Changing Mind
  • How to be Happy in 2 Minutes by Walker Apr 9, 2015
    We have the power to change the reality around us when we consciously choose to be happy. Happiness is the joy we feel striving for our potential.  Shawn Achor, and Michelle Gielan add, We feel happiest when we feel we are...

Learning to connect. Connecting to learn. Making connections.
  • #tomooc Week 0 – Get prepared by Rachael Sep 3, 2013
    Photo Credit: Denis Dore Photography via Compfight cc Hello, I’m Rachael and I am one of the facilitators for the How To Teach Online MOOC. I am here not just as a facilitator but as a learner too. I intend to utilize the connected nature of...

21st Century Teaching Blog
  • iPad Tripod Automated Mount - Swivl by Brent Hirata Aug 4, 2017
    Have you ever wanted to capture a video of yourself delivering a dynamic presentation or leading an engaging activity only to have trouble finding someone who could video you?  Perhaps you have access to room with cameras mounted in the ceili...