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Hang Loose
  • Some Thoughts by Greg Walker Nov 5, 2017
    Physically you can be in only one place at a given time, but spiritually you can be everywhere. When you practice by yourself you have to realize your physical limits; if you realize your physical limits you are no longer limited by them; although...

Learning to connect. Connecting to learn. Making connections.
  • #tomooc Week 0 – Get prepared by Rachael Sep 3, 2013
    Photo Credit: Denis Dore Photography via Compfight cc Hello, I’m Rachael and I am one of the facilitators for the How To Teach Online MOOC. I am here not just as a facilitator but as a learner too. I intend to utilize the connected nature of...

21st Century Teaching Blog
  • Videos for Better Course Design by Brent Hirata Nov 13, 2017
    As an educational technologist I am always on the look out for interesting resources to add to my YouTube Playlist or Pinterest Pinboard, resources that spark reflection and thinking about 21st century teaching.  I recently added two videos t...